Our story

Our passion lies in innovation and high technologies. Emerging technologies have created new business opportunities, which is why our company aims to be among the innovators in 'new realities' for Bulgaria. Throughout the years, we've continually enhanced and added new services for our clients.


Research and preparation

By the end of 2014, we were introduced to virtual reality. From our first encounter with the technology, we immediately understood it was a revolutionary technology that would change many sectors. In 2015, we began our R&D activities, testing the first available models like the Oculus DK2. A significant portion of our time was spent conceptualizing, prototyping, testing, and enhancing. After nearly a year, we built a complete remote management system, cashless transaction control, analytics, as well as hardware and software management for the VR arena, which had been discussed with several partners in different locations. This concluded the first phase, although we didn't know how much more interesting it would become in the future.


Providing services to end customers

In 2016, we launched the VR arena for end customers at Paradise Mall. Throughout our work and interaction with tens of thousands of end customers, we received feedback regarding preferences, requirements, and attitudes from different customer groups.


Organizing and participating in events

The accumulated experience has enabled us to organize and participate in various events. We develop virtual reality concepts tailored to the goals and needs of clients for corporate anniversaries, team buildings, product presentations, seminars, or promotional events. Our aim is to create a unique and memorable experience for participants and execute a distinctive and impactful event.


Design and conceptualization

Our activity continued to expand, and together with clients, we modified virtual reality to deliver higher service quality to end customers and designed new custom environments. We were involved in creating a virtual office and virtual showroom. We visualized construction projects in virtual reality. We created environments with real objects using 3D scanning. We exported objects created in virtual reality to reality using 3D printing.


Projects for business clients

We've worked on projects for Bulgaria's largest companies. We created various types of virtual reality simulators: a flight simulator with hand and finger motion recognition, a racing simulator for driving, and a military simulator with full-body movement and the ability to run. Some were showcased at different conferences, including Webit. We streamed live content in virtual reality using 5G technology and broadcasted live in real-time in a 360-degree format. We have experience in capturing 360 videos and photos and creating virtual tours for tourist attractions. Through 3D mapping, we brought urban graffiti to life and presented a smartphone at a product event.


Projects for business clients and municipalities

During the challenging year of COVID-19, we closed our facility at Paradise Mall, and a significant portion of our activities with end customers was disrupted, shifting our focus towards developments for business partners. We worked on new VR concepts, contactless interaction technologies in public institutions, and designed digital spaces. The time during lockdown allowed us to experiment like never before. We collaborated with various business clients to visualize projects and products in a virtual environment and adapt business processes to the 'new normal'


Projects for business clients and municipalities

We developed a historical reconstruction of Thracian culture, presenting their rituals, military activities, and rulers in virtual reality. Based on historical and archaeological sources, we digitally reconstructed the image of ruler Seuthes III and the surroundings in his throne room, whose remains are at the bottom of the dam and cannot be seen. We continue to work on developing various solutions for business clients while expanding our technological spectrum in our arsenal.


Projects for business clients and municipalities

We developed applications for iOS and Android with capabilities for virtual and augmented reality. We participated in capturing and 3D visualization of objects.


Projects for business clients and municipalities

We develop unique concepts for digitally reconstructing historical monuments such as the Madara Rider and creating attractions with virtual reality. More information will be shared at a later stage.

Our team is ready to take on any challenge. Share your goal with us, and we will bring your project to life in the world of 'new realities'.