Digital reconstruction of history in virtual reality.

Digital reconstruction of artifacts

We create a digital identical copy of the artifact or reconstruct the artifacts in their 'brand-new' appearance as they were in the past. These so-called digital twins appear vivid and realistic, specifically crafted for VR.

Digital reconstruction of palaces, halls, and historical objects

Based on archaeological and historical data, along with consultations, we recreate environments in VR. The interior and exterior of buildings come to life in intricate detail within VR.

The first principles of design in VR

Our experience over the years in VR 'arenas' for end-users, as well as developing VR applications and creating VR experiences, helps us better understand how to create an experience that is immersive, manageable, and profitable. But most importantly, how to do it so well that users remain impressed.

Balanced approach and personalized VR experiences.

Based on the project's goals, the environment it operates in, and the availability of historical data, we develop a concept. The concept may utilize various technologies in its execution. From 360-degree footage to digitally reconstructed environments and real-time generation. Following consultation with our team, we'll analyze the information to propose an immersive, manageable, and profitable solution.

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